Dental Implants

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Dental implants

Before the advent of dental implants, teeth were replaced mainly by means of removable dental prostheses, which, although, still a valid solution nowadays, have some disadvantages, both social and physiological, such as lack of comfort and confidence, and the deterioration of remaining oral tissues.

Over time, ir has become increasingly important to find functional and aesthetic solutions for the replacement of lost teeth.
As such, Implantology is the area of dental medicine that deals with the rehabilitation of toothless areas by placing implants.

Implants, associated with ceramic crowns, satisfactorily mimic natural teeth. In this relationship, the implant functions as the tooth root and the ceramic mimics the dental crown. Since these are fixed pieces that are inserted in the jaws, there is an improvement in the patient's phonetic and masticatory functions, leading to greater comfort and self-confidence. In the vast majority of cases it is practically impossible to distinguish between a normal tooth and an implant.

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