Dental Veneers

Finas capas de cerâmica que são aderidas aos dentes. Trata-se de um tratamento muito conservador.

Dental Veneers

These are thin layers of ceramic which are adhered to the teeth. It is a very conservative treatment, since there is minimal wear on the tooth surface.

When are they indicated?

In esthetic cases:

  • Darkened teeth;

  • Closing of diastemas (spaces between teeth);

  • Over-restored teeth (with a lot of composites);

  • Correcting the size of teeth;

  • Teeth with pre-existing fractures.

In functional cases:

  • Correct dental guides;
  • Severely worn teeth.

What needs to be done?

  1. Dental and gum treatments (periodontology);
  2. First evaluation appointment with photographic records and radiographic analysis;
  3. Molds for study and waxing up in the laboratory;
  4. Mock-up consultation (real time visualization in the mouth of the possible final result);
  5. Consultation for dental preparation and molds for the laboratory;
  6. Consultation for placing the dental veneers;
  7. Control appointments.

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