Dr. André Macedo

Dr. André Macedo - Clínica Arriaga

Dr. André Macedo

Implantology | Dental Aesthetics | Periodontology

OMD 6280

Dr. André graduated in Dental Medicine from ISCS-N, 2008 and with clinical practice is dedicated to Oral Surgery, Implantology and Prosthodontics.

Professor at BeLearning Education Center in Lisbon, to the courses of Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation;

Post-graduated in Adhesive Dentistry by Biomimetic Dentistry Portugal in 2017-2018 by IUCS-N;

Post-graduated in Adhesive Dentistry and Fixed Prosthesis by Shape Dentistry Academy in 2016;

Post-graduate in Implantology by CEMDA and Advanced Implantology by ImplantBrasil 2012-2013;

Specialization title in Oral Surgery by ISCS-N 2009-2010;

Guest lecturer at ISCS-N since 2007-2015;

Dentist by ISCS-N (2002-2008).

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