Dr. João Reis

Dr. João Reis - Clínica Arriaga

Dr. João Reis


OMD 03793

Dr. João Reis graduated in Dental Medicine from the Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz.

Course "Composite Resins - Anterior and Posterior Teeth" (24h), 2017 Porto;

Modular course in Endodontics - theoretical and practical component, 2013, Funchal;

Course "Multidisciplinary Oral Rehabilitation", 2009, Funchal;

Update course in Dentistry and Endodontics", 2009, Funchal;

Course "Clinical Endodontics", OMD, 2008, Funchal;

Course "Smile Harmony" - Clinical Skills and Science, Coimbra, 2008.

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