Dr. Miguel Ramos

Dr. Miguel Ramos - Clínica Arriaga

Dr. Miguel Ramos


OMD 5732

Dr. Miguel Ramos graduated in Dental Medicine from Fernando Pessoa University.

In 2018 he continued his path in endodontics with the course "One on One Advanced Endo Training" in Moldova;

Keeping the focus on endodontics he also did in 2017 the Course Rehabilitation of Endodontic Teeth in Porto and the Course Adhesive & amp; Aesthetics Posterior Restorations, Pascal Magne in Lisbon;

In 2009 he followed the area of endodontics and took the Handson endodontics Course at the private hospital in Lisbon. Later in 2013 he continued his path focused on endodontics, with the intensive course in endodontics by Endoacademy also in Lisbon. Also in 2017 he took a course in Mafra (Belearning) on apicetomies as a complement to the area of endodontics;

In 2007 he took a course in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry at UFP-FCS in Porto.

Degree in Dental Medicine in 2007 at UFP-FCS in Porto and since then works at Clínica Arriaga.

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