Dr. Nuno Correia

Dr. Nuno Correia - Clínica Arriaga
Dental Aesthetic

OMD 11242

Dr. Nuno Correio has a degree in Dental Medicine from the University of Coimbra. Master in Operative Dentistry.

ORAL REHABILITATION COURSE "Aesthetic Dentistry", May 2022, given by several national and international speakers;

Orofacial Harmonization Course, Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronic Acid, June 2021, given by Dr. Bruno Rodrigues;

Photography course, The Art behind dental photography, February 2020, given by Dr. Bruno Seabra;

ORAL REHABILITATION COURSE, September 2018, a total of 32h taught by Dr. João Fonseca and dental technician Luís Fonseca;

Post-graduation in Adhesive Dentistry with Composite Resins - CESPU, (2018), Porto;

INTENSIVE CBCT COURSE, October 2017, with the duration of 20h with the lecturer Dr. Bart Vandenberghe.

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