“Arriaga a sorrir” is the new Podcast of Clínica Arriaga

“Arriaga a sorrir” é a nova rubrica de podcasts da Clínica Arriaga “

“Arriaga smiling” is the new podcast in the area of dentistry that aims to address different oral health topics.

The goal of the podcast is to raise awareness among our patients and prospects about oral health prevention while allowing for greater brand visibility.

In this age of digital revolution, people are always expecting quick and direct answers. To this end, we have gathered our Dentists from different areas to talk about the topics that most question us, such as oral rehabilitation, dental aesthetics and orofacial harmonization, orthodontics and other more general topics. We remind you that early diagnosis associated with good oral health is the best ally to create happy smiles.

In line with Clínica Arriaga’s marketing strategy, this is another communication channel that adds value and allows greater proximity to patients by informing them of current issues and treatments that may or may not be performed.

Many of them interact with our publications by suggesting topics, which also helps us to feed our contents from the patient’s perspective.

For Clínica Arriaga, it is essential to keep our patients informed, provide them with new experiences, help demystify myths and transmit some curiosities about oral health care.

Users can listen to the podcasts on the usual platforms https://rss.com/podcasts/arriagaasorrir/ and Clínica Arriaga – YouTube during their commute or while performing other activities.

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