How can sugar affect my teeth?

How can sugar affect my teeth

How can sugar affect my teeth?

Moreover, foods with sugar nourish the bacteria present in our mouths. In turn, the bacteria produce acids capable of demineralizing the enamel. Consequently, when there is a demineralization of the tooth enamel, it becomes vulnerable to the appearance of cavities, in case there is not good oral hygiene.

In addition to cavities, sugar facilitates the accumulation of tartar, as it feeds bacteria and these are more likely to proliferate. Consequently, the accumulation of tartar, in turn, can cause gingivitis and later periodontitis, leading to a loss of periodontal tissues. Hence, it is crucial to brush your teeth correctly to remove all the leftover food present in your mouth.

Another problem caused by bacteria is halitosis. Often, the by-products produced by bacterial fermentation cause halitosis, generating an unpleasant smell in the oral cavity.

Moreover, the best way to avoid problems caused by sugar is to have good oral hygiene. Therefore, we must always brush our teeth 3 times a day (never fail at night), use dental floss or brush and tongue scraper. It is advisable to brush teeth 30 minutes after eating sugar, to give our body time to balance the pH of the oral cavity again. This practice helps prevent problems such as acid erosion, that is, tooth wear.


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