Pediatric Dentistry

Ms Rita Pequeneza
Fissure sealants

These are a type of preventative, whose aim is to protect teeth from decay. It is a varnish applied over the entire tooth.
When to do?
The pediatric dentist will evaluate your child’s risk of decay and will consider the best time, but most are done as soon as the tooth has just erupted (been born)
Dental floss in children? Should it be used?

Flossing should be used from the first contact between teeth. Children with teeth completely apart should not use it. What happens in the majority are children with lack of space and the milk teeth are very close together and therefore we have to pass the wire.
There is the possibility of using the flosser, which has the part of the handle that we hold and which facilitates its use.
It should be used before brushing.


The bacterial plaque is a film which is formed on the surface of the teeth, resulting from the lack of brushing or even inadequate brushing. It is this film that, if not removed, will cause gum inflammation and periodontal problems, as well as increasing the risk of other oral lesions such as caries.
The best way for us to avoid bacterial plaque is to use a good brushing technique 2x a day, for 2 min.
Fortunately, there are tools on the market that allow us to identify bacterial plaque at home, such as plaque detectors, tablets or even toothpaste with fluoride, which colour the areas of bacterial plaque. In this way, both parents and children can see the zoas that need reinforced hygiene.

Dental trauma in general

Dental traumas are very frequent in young children, especially in the school or sports environment or when they start walking.
There are various types of traumas, from the simplest which consist of just the “breaking off” of a tooth edge to the most complex such as avulsion and intrusion.
Whatever the type of trauma, it is important to see a dentist straight away, preferably a paediatric dentist. The post-trauma consultation is very important for assessing the oral situation, taking X-rays of the bone, reformulating care in feeding, warning of possible complications and above all establishing good control. Therefore, even if you think you don’t have anything, it would be good to see a dentist, because many times the bone damage can only be seen by X-rays.

Electric vs manual toothbrushes:
Electric brushes: innovative, motivational, good for demystifying fears of noise and movement, with pressure detectors, with dolls, with small heads.
In contrast, manual brushes are differentiated according to age, they perform the same function as long as the brushing technique is effective.


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